14 марта 2018

АТС - Scrap-gatherings

Всем доброго дня, дорогие читатели)
Наконец могу поделиться с вам этими малютками - карточками, сделанных в честь встречи скраперов моего родного города)
Хотелось сделать что-то необычное и чипборд от "Вензелика" пришелся к стати и ещё подарил интересную идею: разделить одну фигурку чипика на 2 карточки.
Этим мне хотелось сказать, что Все МЫ - части одного целого!
Где б ми ни находились (символ метки на карте не случаен) - мы всё равно связаны.
Только на расстоянии можно увидеть великое!

Хватит болтать - идёмте рассматривать)

All the best of the day, dear readers)
Finally, I can share with you these babies - the cards made in honor of the meeting of the scrapers of my native city)
I wanted to do something unusual and the chipboard from "Venzelika" fell to the article and gave me another interesting idea: to divide one figure of a chip into 2 cards.
By this I wanted to say that All of us are parts of one whole!
Wherever they were (the symbol on the map is not accidental) - we are still connected.
Only at a distance you can see the great!

Enough talk, let's consider)

Немного процесса...

Вот такие красавицы у меня вышли:

И ...детали

Hi Maintenance Magenta

А это всё семейство в сборе!)

Challenge #64 -  Travel

Nature and travel on our earth! This is what every person should do, from time to time.
We are part of the whole world.

     Mist Chalk - Chalk Ultramarine                   Water ink - Violet
Mist Chalk - Chalk Lilac                                       

February challenge
The motives of the forest and nature inspired me.
This deep green, resemble a moss of a dense forest, which is asleep.
Wet breath of nature.
Her power.

open till 19th

март 2018 - COMFORTABLE

Girls, yes, I know that I broke the rules!
I apologize.
I saw only when I made the project (((
Next time I will correct)
март 2018 - COMFORTABLE

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  1. They are Beautiful. Hope you join us at More Than Words again next month.

  2. Great work! We don't accept ATCs in our Main Challenge at More Than Words but we do accept them in our Mini Challenge. Hope you can join us there later in the month!

  3. those are fabulous! THanks for playing along at 13@rts :)

  4. So cool ATC! Thank you for joining us at Mixed Media Place challenge!

  5. Beautiful ATC series! Thank you for playing with our challenge at Mixed Media Place!

  6. Very beautiful and interesting project! Thank you for joining us at MMP challenge!

  7. Interesting project about Travelling :), thank you for playing with us at 13arts. Just friendly advice, you may consider making your photos max 800 because it's takes long time for then to open, have a nice day.

  8. Beautiful work. Thank you so much for joining us at both More than Words and #13arts ❤

  9. Very beautiful!!! Thank you for joining us at 13@rts challenge!

  10. Your work is absolutely fabulous! Hoping you will join again next month at More Than Words!


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