23 марта 2019


Первый опыт с невероятной бумагой потрепанных ангелов @tatteredangels
Почему она такая - расскажу в ближайшее время, а сейчас будет несколько постов о моих работах для @canvascorpbrands 

Today we´re sharing a lovely card created by Crew Member Olena Shylkina. She used Tattered Angels Mists as watercolors when coloring one of Tattered Angels Mixed Media Origins cards. Have you discovered those yet? It´s collection of mini vintage art all with a crafty and artsy look.  Perfect for mixed media, card making, layouts and more.  Use the art as a background or choose your favorite icons to make them focal points of your project. It´s printed on the amazing  Suede Paper. If you don’t know this paper, warning, you are going to fall in love. It is thick, it is sturdy, it loves water, it loves pigment markers, it loves watercolor, it loves mist paints….. It is so strong you can sew it and even fussy cut the art and the smallest of pieces stay strong.
Let us hear what Olena has to tell us about the project:
Making a postcard is easy and fun & today’s project gave me a lot of pleasant moments!
You do not need that many supplies to create something really nice. I needed some paints, Mist from Tattered Angels and a card from the Mixed Media Origins Mini Art “Artsy” pack.
Mixed Media paper from Tattered Angels is something soft, gentle, but rather dense. My hands enjoyed it when I turned it around, choosing a page for creativity.  

As I started to paint, I used the brightest colors to create the background – “Nougat” and   “Navy blue” (first watered down and then I then did go darker).

And completed the project using “Navy blue” and “Chocolate Cowered Strawberries” on the edges.
Sometimes I mixed colors to get the right shade,
sometimes took a brush of glimmer from the very bottom of the bottle –
to get a bright glow on the right area of the picture.
You can see how the glimmer shimmers!
It`s Magic!

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